Working on a Goal?

With the Geek Girl’s Goal Setting Group off to a phenomenal start (and the next meeting less than a week away!), it’s time to share with you the ultimate secret to reaching an important goal…

Tracking it.

All the great nutritionists recommend it for weight loss. You’ve got to write down what you’re eating (and doing or not doing, with regard to exercise) to know what to improve. All the Personal Development gurus say the same: write down your goal and look at it often.

For the sake of example, here is my goal journal. All the Goal-Setting Geek Girls have one: fresh and blank for the new year. Some are leather, some are floral print, some are more plain…

It doesn’t really matter what it looks like, though. What’s that saying? Don’t judge a book by its cover…?

Inside the cover, in bold writing, are my three main goals for the year:

For those of you with any trouble viewing, my goals are simple: Follow the 7 Habits, Get in the Best Shape of My Life (with specific parameters) and Make Money (also with specific parameters). The more thorough details are elsewhere, tucked away in the deep recesses of my laptop. I review this list every day when I open the journal.

Each day, I make a to-do list with these three goals in mind. Today, for example, included:

  • Post an entry to my blog*
  • Leg workout, 30 minutes of cardio
  • Job Interview Prep
  • Apply for three jobs (Being jobless, this is my top priority every day)

At the bottom of each page, since getting into “The Best Shape of My Life” includes dropping a dress size, I list all of the food I eat as the day goes by. Even the bad stuff. Some days are better than others.

Obviously, technology offers other means to track your schedule and priorities: smartphones, PDAs, iCalendars, Franklin-Covey accessories, etc. A composition book may be the caveman’s way of doing it, but I’m ok with that…

Tracking like this is an opportunity to be accountable. It’s an opportunity to take a critical look at bad habits or laziness (or avoidance or procrastination) and to break them. Remember: It does not matter what you use, how you use it, or how messy it gets… so long as you start tracking it!

2 comments on “Working on a Goal?
  1. Thanks for posting how you are tracking your goals. I read a Harvard Business Review article about Oprah, who journals her goals and progress which is similar to what you described. How close are you to meeting your goals?

    I’m using Evernote on my mobile phone, I’m not good at writing in notebooks since I get distracted by drawing hearts and doodles while waiting for inspiration to move my pen.

    • Shauna says:

      At the time, my goals consisted of things like giving up sugar / grains, finding a challenging job, moving out of my grandmother’s home and finding a loving man with whom to start a relationship. I’ve accomplished all of these, so that’s kind of cool :)

      My goals are constantly changing, though. It’s one of the benefits of a journal: you get what you want (or fail and refine your vision) and keep moving forward.

      This month’s goal is to learn to ride a bike, so I can start making the most of my new neighborhood, work through the fear, and mark it off my #30before30!