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Tanning, Teasing, and Closure

I know you’re not supposed to care about what your exes – or ex-friends – think of you now but I’m going to spit in the face of this norm because I have something very important to announce: I HAVE

How to Write a Handwritten Note in 2011

10 steps for sending a handwritten note in 2011.
Includes: numerous low-resolution action shots and a shameless Sharpie product placement.
No commissions were received by the author.

Heart Combatives

How loving others is like getting punched in the face… in a good way.

The Emotional Sky Dive

I really, really hate being vulnerable.

Let’s bring back serendipity

Last night, I ran into a friend who is a musician. After months of being unable to attend official events sent via Facebook invites, I heard his voice coming from a bar while walking to meet some friends. I immediately turned